The first time anyone hears about the term “Hackathon”, they must surely assume it to be like an event set for a squad full of hackers running through all systems and decoding all important documents. But this I assure you should not be confused with wargame [Hacking] as a “Hackathon”; is a design event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development sectors like; Graphic designers, interface designers, project managers and others collaborate intensively on software projects. It is a pan Indian 36 hour nonstop digital programming competition.

Hackathons are intended simply for educational or social purposes and at times it is intended with a goal to create useable software. This had led to innovative creations and a better & smarter India ahead, with real-time monitoring of teacher’s attendance and GPS mapping of schools in rural areas to be a reality soon. The Prime Minister also addressed this event, as he called upon Indian youth to innovate new ideas and use technology to its best in order to create changes which can benefit the country and makes living much easier.

About 10,000 engineering & management students from across the country are set to produce digital solutions to fix problems in the form of mobile/computer applications and software programs, making the digital India dream turn into a reality with the proceeding time. These students are drawn from 29 institutions across the country and will digitally address at least 598 serious issues people face on a day-to-day basis. Problems such as; geofencing of airports, online toll collection, smart/intelligent traffic management, cyber-attacks, Online robbery or theft, real-time monitoring of teacher’s attendance & of cyber-crimes. Smart drones to make airspace safer & the title recognition system for marine animals and safeguarding the marine life.

These students are shortlisted from 2,183 engineering & management colleges and universities from across India and sum up to a total of 42,000 students who would be developing these software’s and addressing all issues. Distributed in 1,266 teams, these students will work nonstop for a period of 36 hours to build products based on their ideas across 26 locations in India, during the grand Finale of the “Smart India Hackathon 2017”.

The rewards of this come in the form of multiple prizes worth Rs. 50 lakh for students and a certificate which they hold to their credit. India is a land full of engineers and bright minds so the chances of creating a revolutionary idea and framing it in the form of a brand-new creation of a software that could change the digital world forever, are high.

 With the top three teams to be awarded Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 75,00 & Rs. 50,000 respectively and digital solutions to be awarded and might be given a chance to work for the ministry for improving their governance systems. All the prize winners would be connected to form a Community of Innovative Minds. The hackathon also aims at improving awareness about patents in the country. According to World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), India registers 40 patents per million population.

So here is a shout out to all those engineers who want to change the world and most importantly make India reach the top in terms of creations and a more digitalized and organized system, need to participate in the Hackathon right away. Hackathons happen in most IT prone areas or cyber hubs, like Coimbatore, Bangalore, etc. and typically last between a day and a week.

So, if you are up to making your name and providing solutions to digital issues and marking the beginning towards a digital nation, then the smart Indian Hackathon is calling for you.

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